March 29, 2023

Since digitization has transformed business connections, you must wonder if business cards are still relevant. Well, handing your personalized business cards may seem old-fashioned, but it can be an excellent way to create a lasting impression. And with a custom business card printing service, you can choose the perfect design for your card and send the right message to your potential customers. But, if you are wondering why customizing your business cards is necessary and how you can do it, go through the following section.

Why Is Customizing Your Business Card Important?

Customization adds to the uniqueness of your business, and therefore the benefits are self-explanatory. Even so, the following reasons are why you should consider customizing your business card.

  1. Stand Out

Designing a business card that reflects your brand personality will stand out amongst the stack of generic business cards. Meanwhile, people tend to make the mistake of only putting the contact details on the card, but this tool needs to be used a bit differently than that. 

Imagine a recipient with a stack of business cards in his pocket, all with simple font and white backgrounds. Would they take notice of these cards or the one with an unusual shape with embossed text? So, now you know how customization can help you stand out.

  1. Reflect Business Personality

Modern-day customers seek out brands they connect with. It means they buy from those brands that align with their values. So, you can show off your uniqueness as a brand with custom business card printing services. You can experiment with card shapes, patterns and even colours to bring out the brand’s personality.  

  1. Form Deeper Connections

In addition to showcasing your unique brand personality, a business card can help you forge deeper connections with your potential customers. With a well-designed card that stands out, you create a talking point between your brand and the prospective customer.

How Can You Create Personalized Business Cards?

Now that you have learnt how customized business cards can help you stand out, you should delve deep to know how to create them.

Try Experimenting With Your Logo

You should have a logo on your business card that establishes your brand and is consistent with your social media handles, documents and website. But you can be a little creative instead of shoving the logo at one corner of your card. For instance, you can have it as the focal point of your card by putting it in the middle.

Play Around With Colors

The choice of colors is the best way to grab one’s attention. So, try to balance the right designs and eye-catching colours when designing business cards. As such, you can take the help of the scientific colour wheel to find colour schemes that stand out. As an example, for a homely vibe, you can choose warm colour tones like yellows, reds and oranges, while you can stick to blues and greens for an edgier look.

Try Out Different Shapes

Rectangular business cards have become a norm, but it’s not necessary to stick to the same shape. Instead, you can try pentagons, squares, circles, or any other shape that makes your business stand out.

Focus on Tactility

With people getting used to screens, focusing on tactility can make a lot of difference. So, make sure your card feels as good as it looks. For this, you can try thick cards or emboss the texts or add 3D logos and texts that pop out.   

With so many options for customization available, you don’t have to feel boxed when designing and stand out from other competitors. So, have a clear idea of your card’s content and design and have fun creating a card that reflects your brand identity.   

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