March 29, 2023

Known as one of the oldest cultivated tree species, Madeira wood has a rich history and taste that has been preserved for centuries. Wood is used in many products, including traditional pastries, furniture, and in the manufacture of wine.


Located southwest of Portugal, the Madeira archipelago consists of the main island of Madeira and the smaller island of Porto Santo. They are surrounded by a beautiful landscape with several springs and six or eight small streams.

When the Portuguese explorer Joao Goncalves Zarco landed on Madeira in 1419, the island was covered with lush vegetation and huge trees. Zarco named the place Camara de Lobos (Camara means “land of woods”), and he began to explore the southern part of the island.

In 1420 or 1425, the first settlers arrived in Madeira. They found it difficult to cultivate the steep and hilly landscape, but it was a productive region. Fish and meat were readily available to residents.


During his stay at, the writer visited the Barbeito winery. It is located on a cliff, with dramatic views.

The Madeira winemaking process is unique. Instead of being filtered, the wine is exposed to oxygen, which increases the sweetness of wine. In addition, the wines are aged in old wood.

The Malmsey Madeira style is the richest and sweetest. It pairs well with rich desserts and ice cream. It is the oldest style of Madeira and has the potential to last for centuries.

Another popular style is the Malvasia grape, which gives a concentrated sweet spicy flavor. It also delivers a touch of black pepper.


Located on the south coast of the Isle of Islay, the Laphroaig distillery is known for its smoky peatiness. Previously, its releases were a mix of whiskies matured in a variety of cask types, including Amontillado and Port casks. Earlier this year, Laphroaig added a new component to its mix – Cairdeas in Madeira wood.

Although the name might give you a chuckle, Cairdeas in Madeira wood is the first of its kind. For two years, the whisky was married in hogsheads filled with Madeira wine. The finish is very similar to the finish of whiskies matured in Madeira Sherry barrels. Although the finish is certainly more pronounced in the Madeira variant, the smoky notes of Laphroaig are still present in this variant.

About whisky

Located in Bangalore, south India, Amrut Distillery is a distillery that manufactures Malt Whisky. They produce 7 million liters of Whisky annually. They also have several bottling plants. Whisky has gained acclaim worldwide. The distillery is known for producing a range of popular whiskies.

Amrut single malt has a variety of flavors. The aromas of raisins, citrus and toffee, and vanilla pods are signatures of Amrut whisky. The taste is pleasantly fruity and alcoholic. The finish is sweet, fruity, and slightly spicy.

Whisky is a favorite among whisky lovers. It has a smooth and creamy palate, a touch of spice, and a ripe, jam my orange finish. Its alcoholic content is around 50% ABV.

Traditional pastries

Whether you’re making a Portuguese cake for Christmas or your family’s Saint Joseph’s Day feast, there are several traditional pastries made with Madeira wood that you’ll enjoy. From a classic Portuguese cake to a pastry filled with almonds, here’s how to make them.

A cheesy version of this popular dessert is Quijada. This Portuguese pastry is made with egg yolks, cheese, and milk. It can be filled with pastry cream, jam, or even whipped cream. It’s also popular in the Lithuanian community.

Another closely guarded Portuguese dessert recipe is Pasteis de Belem. This Portuguese pastry is made from a combination of puff pastry and egg yolk cream. These sweets are best enjoyed the day they are made.

Endangered species

Laurel forests once covered much of Madeira and the western Canary Islands. They disappeared due to the desiccation of the Mediterranean basin and the advance of glacial ice. Since then, Laurisilva forests have been reduced by logging. Nonetheless, this type of forest is still found on several Macaronesia archipelagos. They are also threatened by heavy logging and habitat loss.

Laurisilva of Madeira is an outstanding relic the of laurel forest type. The forest contains a unique suite of rare plants and endemic Bryophytes. It also provides a wealth of ecological niches. It is home to a small number of bird species.

The laurel forest of Madeira is composed of a large number of old trees. Several are over 800 years old. They support a huge understory of plants.

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