February 29, 2024

Create Fashion Brand (CFB) is among the best sustainable clothes manufacturer that are devoted towards eco-friendly and sustainable clothing with premium quality. CFB performance as sustainable manufacturer makes it first choice for the brands like Balenciaga, Off White, Represent Clothing, Moschino and Pangaia who have recently initiated partnerships with CFB. 

Since the world is becoming more aware of the threats to our beautiful planet, people want to shift their clothes purchase to sustainable products. Almost 50% of people according to a survey are concerned about the effects of the product they use on the environment.

Aware and convinced of the challenges linked to sustainability, CFB has acted to reduce the environmental impact of its production processes while pursuing progress within fundamentally important social issues. 

A manufacturer that joins you in reducing pollution caused by the textile industry

The textile industry is flourishing and new standards are being set nowadays. Sustainable clothing manufacturers are in the market to reduce the environmental pollution. 

For several years, CFB has committed to reducing its footprint within the production processes of its clients final garments, as well as its offices and packaging, for example by introducing more responsible, recycled and up cycled materials in lieu of others. 

The remaining carbon emissions generated by all of production stages are carefully calculated and they commit to invest funds into projects that protect and restore natural ecosystems that fight climate change. 

CFB is an environmental enthusiast company which is eager to make fabric recycling to store your memories forever. Creativity has no end and they like to produce fashion clothing by using creative and innovative ideas, always adopting sustainable and ethical practices in every stage of production.

They privilege garments that comes from renewable resources, such as recycled and organic fabrics. Quality is ensured by processing the fabric through mechanical and chemical processes. They ensure to deliver you eco-friendly products that fits your needs.

 What is their priority?

Create Fashion Brand is taking the initiative to save resources such as water, energy and avoid the use of different chemicals by investing in recycled and organic products. By doing that they believe to save old memories and create new ones. They are committed to the sustainable and ethical management of their operations. 

The goal of reducing their environmental impact influences their production processes decisions. At all levels and in all locals – wether at offices or along the production chain – they respect high standards for social and ecological responsibility. CFB is also fur-and exotic leather-free. 

Is their Recycled Cotton sustainable?

Cotton is the second most important fiber in terms of volume, around half of our garments contains it. The problem is that most of them are not recycled ate the end of their lives, leading to a huge stress on the environment. 

Thanks to the recycled cotton, the industry could actually prevent a big part of this massive wastage. Cotton waste and garments are collected form all over the world and divided per color and composition. This process allows them to avoid re-dyeing materials. Since CFB is focused on clothes that can be re-utilized, they turn cotton garments into cotton fiber, after removing all foreign components like buttons, zippers, linings, care labels, brand labels, embroidery and all that is not recyclable. 

After that the pre-consumer scraps and post consumer materials are run through a machine that mechanically take them back to fibers. Then recycled cotton is usually blended with other fibers. The new blend in then spun back into yarns which then may become knits, fabrics or jerseys. Their blending system makes the cotton strong and durable. Isn’t that brilliant? The fabric is then used in different products.

Are there any Pros and Cos of using Recycled Cotton?

As every other kind of fabric, recycled cotton has pros and cons when using it in garments production. As for the pros, recycled cotton saves large amounts of water and it avoids the use of dangerous chemicals, making it a sustainable and ethical fabric. On the other hand, the recycled cotton fiber is shorter and weaker than the virgin cotton fiber, and there are a higher risk of contamination for recycled cotton than other recycled fibers, due to the junction of severals cotton garments and the transformation of them into cotton fibers. 

CFB –  the best sustainable clothing manufacturer in 2023

For over several years, CFB has been recognized as the best sustainable clothing manufacturer by offering uncompromising high-quality and sustainable clothing. It is the same high standards that the company consistently reinvents itself in order to answer the environmental and societal challenges with which we are constantly presented. 

The products they come up with are certified by OCS, ISO-9001, OEKO-TEX, GOTS, which are the organizations providing sustainable product certifications. Their goal is to come with innovative ways of producing garments without harming humans or the environment, while respecting the welfare of animals. 

CFB emphasizes circularity and the limited use of traditional raw materials, which is harmful to the environment. They represent the textile industry has been moving away from a linear economy to a circular economy where the raw materials used to produce the textile products are recycled for as long as possible.


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