April 12, 2024

The selection of artistic, cinematographic, and documentary masterpieces presented in this article will be interesting and useful for start-ups and entrepreneurial sharks with a lot of experience who are seeking personal development and actively moving up the career ladder. These amazing, unexpected, and inspiring moviematric are sure to hold your interest. Emotional and accurate, it details the commercial and advertising business, discovers the secrets of successful sales, and the mysteries of famous entrepreneurs. They tell stories of billionaires and their lifestyles. How did each of them start their journey? What obstacles did they have to overcome? What sacrifices did they make to fulfill their dreams? You can also follow the link to “The 26 Best Business Books.” Some movies can lead you to original ideas and conclusions, while others will help you generate new and interesting ideas, or even help you make real progress.

Boiler Room

Director: Martin Scorsese, 2013 IMDb: 8.20 Film Search: 8.12 This black comedy crime drama is the memoir of Jordan Belfort, a famous American runner who made a fortune but attracted the attention of the FBI and was convicted of fraud and money laundering. This moviematric is always at the top of the list of “Best Movies about Business, Success, and Finance.” It has it all: volatility, sex, and drugs, brilliant deals and financial fraud, lavish lifestyles; and the most incredible ways to burn money. Add to this the ineffable charisma of the main character (Leonardo DiCaprio), crazy risks, thirst for wealth, moral dilemmas, and trade secrets of stockbrokers – and you have a beautiful offer.

The Billionaire

Director: Ben Younger, 2000 IMDb: 7.00 Movie Search: 7.2 For those looking to discover something new in the world of sales, this tale of American brokerage scammers will be a real gem. You are not just another crime drama, but the answer to the question: “How do you make a lot of money from scratch?” The movie doesn’t forget the price that comes with a million dollars, expensive cars, palaces, and mansions. The characters in the film (a stellar cast, another thing this movie has going for it) are young and aggressive, enterprising and dangerous, and willing to do anything to succeed.

The Corporation

Director: Mark Aichber, Jennifer Abbott, 2003 IMDB: 8.10 Movie Search: 7.3 Do you know who rules the world? These giant corporations have absolute power. They can shape the way your customers think. A person’s interests, dreams, opportunities, and life span are just a bundle of resources for a corporation to benefit from. Enterprising behemoths have reached great heights with their ability to manipulate consciousness, and few can match them. So what is the role of business process leaders? What qualities must they have to avoid mistakes and achieve success?

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Director: Martin Burke, 1999 IMDb: 7.30 Movie Rating: 7.5 Every entrepreneur and business owner will be inspired by this story about two young computer geniuses, a visionary and an inventor, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who bring to life his utopian ideas. changed to companies. They conquered the world: Apple and Microsoft. They define the beginning of time. Your dreams come true. The rest of us have the opportunity to observe this fascinating process and implement its results according to our own goals, desires, and aspirations.


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