February 26, 2024

You have keys to your house, car, office and many other places. You definitely need to walk with them all to optimize your day. Where do you keep them? In that little keychain you received from a promotional campaign. Custom keychain made of rubber or gel, with a tape measure, with a bottle opener, with a calendar, with a flashlight, with a flash drive, among other models, all are functional. They are helpful, efficient and always with you, aren’t they? Now imagine the same happening to your brand!

Virtually everyone uses a custom keychain to organize and store their keys on a daily basis. It is for the key to the house, car, drawer or office room, among many other examples. If you thought about using Custom keychains in your next promotional action, see why this is a great option, but it needs to be thought carefully!

Custom Keychain

Promotional gifts for businesses need to be exactly that way. You have to bring your customer what he needs, what he uses! So what you need is personalized and custom promotional gifts like keychain. That makes a positive impact for your brand. In promotions over 5,000 pieces, we can develop a special project, check it out here .

Quality Assurance for a Successful Action

These are personalized gifts that will differentiate your brand. Our keychains used as gifts are printed with your company’s brand, in a superior quality. Depending on the material, they are laser engraved (metallic), pad printing (plastic) or hot stamping (leather embossed). Running a promotional campaign with a personalized keyring has never been easier with our products.

So when choosing the best personalized promotional gift for your brand, remember before making the best possible association. In some cases, the gift is even much better accepted without any kind of advertising, but doing it in an intelligent and striking way, it will surely always remember where that object came from.

Types of Custom keychains Used for Gifts

The choice of Custom keychains, as mentioned at the beginning of the text, must be made taking into account your marketing strategy and the relationship between the product and the company. We know that keychains go with everything, so you just need to plan the moment well to distribute these personalized gifts. A laser engraving conveys an elegant image, while a personalized silkscreen gift denotes your brand presence.

Among the main types of Custom keychains that can be used in your marketing strategy, we can highlight:

  • Metal keychains
  • Plastic keychains
  • Rubberized keychains
  • Leather keychains
  • Wooden keychains
  • Fabric keychains

Types of custom keychains by materials

  • Keychains with Flashlight
  • keychains with Opener
  • keychains with Tool
  • keychains with Compass
  • keychains with Pen drive

Custom keychains according to their functions

  • Circular
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Rectangular
  • specials

How to Buy the Best Custom Keychain for your Company

Think about the message you want to get across to your customer. Imagine yourself in his place and what would be your reaction to receive this personalized gift . Take into account people who already consume your products and, especially, those who are in their first experiences or don’t even know your brand.

Custom keychain can add an extra charm to your relationship with the customer. At the time of purchase, he expects to take the paid product, but he will leave with something more and, consequently, value your attention with it.

So choose a company that provides personalized gifts that understands this. When buying custom keychains or making them according to your model, you should put a personality on it. Otherwise, the personalized keyring with your logo will easily end up stored and forgotten anywhere in the recipient’s home.

Trend in Custom Keychain Gift: Opener, laser, flash drive and others.

Thinking about trends is, first of all, thinking about what attracts attention in the advertising of your business. Take into account the festive calendar. Is it Mother’s Day? Hand out more delicate keychains, such as the personalized pillow-type keyring. Is it an end of year party? A personalized bottle opener keyring will add an extra touch to your client’s Christmas and New Year’s dinner.

There are many moments and trends that can be taken into account when buying your custom keychain gift.

Some examples:

  • Custom keychain pen drive
  • Custom Keychain with rain cover
  • Custom keychain opener
  • Custom keychain flashlight 

Custom Keychain other Trends 

Remember that we will always have the best options for your brand and we think at all times that your personalized gift will have an even greater value.  A good and efficient promotional gift is one that is useful and memorable for the recipient. Custom keychains have been a great option for business owners and representatives who are looking for a practical, useful and inexpensive gift to distribute to their customers and employees: A beautiful engraving, such as a laser or several others, adds even more to this.

You always have to work with your customer’s satisfaction in mind. When you carry out a well-planned action, even if it is not with an exclusive gift, it must enchant, captivate. Gift keychains , for example, are small, multifunctional and everyone has at least one at home. Have you ever thought about investing in this type of product to consolidate your brand?

Questions and doubts about custom keychains

What materials are Custom keychains made of?

Every supplier of Custom keychains offers plastic keychains, acrylic keychains, metal, aluminum or stainless steel keychains, leather, rubber and silicone keychains. 

What are the cheapest custom keychains?

Depending on the custom keychain model you choose, we will engrave your order through a silk screen, with laser engraving and pad printing of the desired logo, one of the most common techniques for standard models. When we talk about metal keychains in aluminum or stainless steel, laser engraving is the most recommended. For plastic key chains, special acrylic fabrications can be laser cut into different shapes. To create your cheap custom keychains, we can print logos in a color ink and also customize the metal finishes in special fabrications. 

What are the best selling personalized gift keychains?

Within the catalog of custom keychains for gifts and promotional campaigns, bottle opener keychains stand out. Flashlight keychain, tool keychain, carabiner keychain, among other models of Custom keychains from collections that are widely purchased by customers, where you can place your company logo and choose the corporate color that most resembles your brand.

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