May 28, 2024

PACI is now the most prominent business voice in transparency and anti-corruption. It is one the Forum’s most powerful cross-industry collaboration efforts. They are creating a highly visible platform to set agendas by working with international organizations, governments and business leaders to address corruption, transparency, and emerging market risks. The community is growing rapidly under the leadership of PACI Vanguard CEOs and now focuses its efforts on implementing an international anti-corruption agenda.

PACI is driven by the identified needs and interests of its member companies and takes initiatives to address anti-corruption compliance issues at all levels of industry, national, or international level.

PACI was established in 2004 and is the main platform for CEOs in the global anticorruption space. It builds on the principles of responsible leadership, public-private cooperation, and technological advancements. PACI is the global business voice for transparency and anti-corruption. It has approximately 90 signatories representing different sectors around the world.

The PACI Vanguard

The PACI Vanguard is open to chief executives who are willing to take on a greater role in anti-corruption leadership by building trust and integrity. The Vanguard’s purpose is to find innovative ways to combat corruption and to set industry, regional, and global agendas with leaders from academia and government. They meet each January at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Davos-Klosters.

Vanguard is the leader of the wider PACI strategy for achieving more meaningful dialogue, and impact. The Vanguard is a key component of sustained, high-level government and business engagement that focuses on collective action. Vanguard is a key player in shaping and cooperating with global agenda efforts, notably the B20 and national processes that create transparent practices that increase the ease of doing business.

The Future of Trust and Integrity

The Future of Trust and Integrity Project identifies and develops practical solutions to transform intent into action by leveraging the behavioral, technological and institutional dimensions of trust and respect in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

These solutions can be identified and used to develop a roadmap for trust-building, recovery, and the project will contribute to:

– Better legislation and policies

Innovative technology-based solutions

– Practical models for trust-building in a business-to-business and business-to-government context

– Establishment of informal regional anti-corruption networks

The project’s first phase focuses on Latin America, Africa, and specifically, on South Africa, Argentina, and Mexico.

Technology for Integrity

Technology is the most important game-changer in combating corruption. Although they have their own risks, big data analytics, blockchain, mobile apps, and e-governance are powerful tools for preventing, detection, investigation, and prosecution of corruption.

2017 World Economic Forum Strategic Partners, led by Citi, supported by Clifford Chance and Facebook, IBM, MasterCard and Microsoft, Let’s Talk Payments and PwC, as well as 80+ allies, challenged innovators from around the globe to find technology solutions for seven system vulnerabilities.

This global network of innovators will be leveraged by the PACI Tech for Integrity platform to drive the T4I Knowledge Hub and Synergy Lab, as well as Impact Initiatives.

Creating a global anti-corruption agenda

PACI plays an important role in shaping and cooperating with global efforts, notably the B20 and national process to create transparent practices that increase the ease of doing business.

PACI is expanding its network in support of the B20 process. This will strengthen relationships and drive policy reform through public-private collaboration.

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