May 23, 2024

We can plan and produce modern shredder machines from 2hp right up till 100hp in two as well as four shafts, These machines are made in the wake of understanding the prerequisite to give the greatest throughput and worth to the client.

Natural waste-destroying machine

Having offered many machines to arranged enterprises all over India, we can know well the kind of climate and how these machines are utilized. The greatest names involve our machines in the assembling area, these machines are either uniquely intended for only one application, generally, for handling And so on, or for different things like – plastic, cardboard, pharma squander, strong metropolitan waste, And so on.

We likewise make a different modern cross-cut paper shredder machine for destroying enormous amounts day to day.

 PROKATO shredders

Our PROKATO shredders are equipped for obliterating a wide range of waste into bits, accessible in different limits and setups to give you ideal creation at an extremely quick return for the money invested.

They are generally utilized for Volume decrease of massive lightweight things, Obliterating to safe protection from extortion, Unrefined substance handling in plants and Removal of production line rejects/bundling And so on at scrap yards.

Two/Four shaft Shredder Machines

PROKATO™ offer Two/Four shaft Shredder Machines for practically any application. We make single, twofold, and four-shaft shredders giving an expansive range of machines to browse as indicated by the expected result size and reason for destroying.

Having begun assembling of destroying machines beginning around 2010 and have gone over numerous perplexities in regards to these advancements, acquiring colossal experience we are currently ready to offer answers for complex applications.

We are residing in a period where it is turning out to be perpetually critical to reuse waste and moderate assets. It is a significant issue from a natural security perspective as well as for monetary reasons. From one perspective, this issue can hold any importance with an organization as far as working in an expense proficient way and as far as its public picture on the other with expansion to corporate social obligation towards its area.

PROKATO Modern shredders

Modern shredder is generally utilized in the waste reusing and handling industry. It tends to be utilized in different enterprises and applications, including mineral assembling, pharma industry, reusing, and squander the board.

PROKATO Modern shredders – 2/4 shaft or single shaft are a sort of machine that can break/shear/cut up huge bits of any material into more modest pieces. They can be utilized to chop down to little measure salvaged material/plastic/wood/elastic and so on for the end goal of reusing. Enormous destroying machines are additionally utilized in food handling offices where they can be utilized to shred down crude food things like vegetables and natural products into more modest pieces that are simpler to process or get ready and pack.

MULTI shredder

The PROKATO modern MULTI shredder is a machine that shreds a wide range of materials into more modest pieces in a single machine and the modern shredder machine cost is likewise truly sensible giving exceptionally fast return for capital invested and proceeding with execution for quite a long time from there on too.

PKT Modern shredders are broadly utilized in numerous businesses and applications all over INDIA, for example, reusing, paper plants, food handling, and waste administration. They are likewise used to diminish the size of strong waste for removal or reusing.

Little Modern Shredder Machine

Our Strong Little Modern Shredder Machine, albeit minimized is an ideal answer for low amount destroying needs, it tends to be set in the lab, home or scrapyard inside the assembling floor, it is equipped for breaking the hardest substances into little pieces to decrease the size of material that should be tried/arranged/moved by lessening the volume of material and size. This is likewise an extraordinary method for reusing in a harmless to the ecosystem way.

PROKATO is a Modern Shredder Producer and Exporter from INDIA with many items produced using north of thirty years of hands down destroying experience with exact assessment of amounts for destroying and surefire results the machine can accomplish concerning throughput and estimating required.

The PROKATO Modern Shredder, best case scenario, Cost in India is a hands off assurance and we can beat any value because of our sheer size , scope of machines and prepared stock. A ton of modern shredders can deal with various shapes and sizes of materials including metals, plastics, paper, and then some. They can likewise be redone in view of your particular requirements. be that as it may, you will be stunned by the exhibition of a PROKATO as they won’t just surpass your assumptions yet perform for a really long time demonstrating their prevalent plan and designing make.

The PROKATO twofold gearbox metal shredder machine are extremely strong shredders that can undoubtedly obliterate even weighty motor parts, the PKT-M series are popular modern shredder for metal with huge piece vendors all over India who need predictable machines for unpleasant use in their yards

The PROKATO modern shredder machine available to be purchased is prepared to test and take, we welcome you to visit our manufacturing plant to see the working of our total scope of shredders to look over

The most well-known squander shredder machine has numerous applications. These machines are planned and manufactured with the most ideal that anyone could hope to find steel utilizing GMP processes and machined on the most recent CNC machines for precision and quick conveyances.

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