June 8, 2024

The snitching of one of America’s most well-known drug traffickers, Big Meech has been an issue for many as they search for the person who ratted him to the police.

In this piece, we’ll learn the details of Big Meech and his Black Mafia family, which evolved into an institution that helped them launder money and traffic drugs.

Black Mafia Family

Black Mafia was established by Demetrius Flenory who is also known as Big Meech and his brother, Terry also known as Southwest T Flenory. The group was formed in 1989, after they made the decision to expand their drug empire into different countries in the United States.

They operated across Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago as well as other states within the United States of America and in 2000, they strengthened their connections with Mexicans.

The drug distribution business increased in size, they decided to form their legal status the formation of a hip hop record label BMF which is an abbreviation for Black Mafia Family Entertainment.

While they signed contracts and collaborated with artists , they also used to launder money and to protect themselves from trade in drugs.

Who is Demetrius Flenory also known as the Big Meech?

Big Meech was a drug trafficker born on the 21st of June the year 1968. He was from Detroit, Michigan, United States of America Big Meech was a drug dealer who was raised with two siblings.

Certain relatives were involved with other illicit deals. The family was struggling financially, and they were suffering consequently Big Meech and her brother, Southwest T Flenory decided to get into the streets when they were twenty to get drugs in order to make ends meet, which eventually resulted in the formation of their own Black Mafia family after years of dealing in drugs.

Who has snubbed on the Big Meech?

A lot of people are wondering if Big Meech was snitched which resulted in his arrest, however no one snitched on him, but his actions caught up with his actions.

The Black Mafia family was operating a $270 million ring which included cartels of drugs in the United States with over 500 employers who worked under him.

Some of the cities that the Black Mafia Family operated were Alabama, Miami, Detroit, Los Angeles, and other cities. However, in 2005, the two brothers were detained and placed in jail for 30 years.

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