July 13, 2024

Buying a timeshare is not always as gratifying as the salesperson touts. A timeshare drains the finances as the reality of life sets in. The management charges rise, schedules don’t align timely, and quality services are never delivered to the owners. Seeing this, buyers regret signing the timeshare contract and eventually look forward to exiting the timeshare contract.  

However, canceling a timeshare contract is not an easy task on your own. It requires expert assistance from a timeshare exit company to cancel the contract. But which exit company to trust? The everyday scams leave the owners worried and confused about hiring a timeshare exit company. 

Without further ado, do comprehensive research to find the Legit timeshare cancellation companies. Among all, check the ratings and hire a reputable and reliable company providing professional services. Only genuine timeshare exit companies will help you get rid of your timeshare contract. 

Without any further delay, read this post to get through the timeshare cancellation process and how much time it will take to get out of a timeshare contract. 

Let’s get started! 

How Much Time does it take to Get Out of a Timeshare Contract? 

You can’t terminate a timeshare contract overnight. There is no shortcut to cancel a contract. Depending upon the conditions, it takes several days to a month to end a timeshare contract. Consider the following points to determine the exact timings of getting out of a timeshare agreement. 

Take a Quick Look at the Timeshare Contract Rescission Period 

After you buy a timeshare purchase, the owners have a recission period to cancel a timeshare contract. The rescission period depends upon the demographics where the timeshare is in. During this period, you can write a cancellation letter to the resort and wait for time to ensure everything goes well. The timeshare owners get a full refund for the timeshare cancellation. 

However, it is always advised that you do everything in writing if you are canceling your timeshare during rescission. Write a cancellation letter to the resort outlining the contract’s major points of timeshare cancellation. Request a timeshare cancellation confirmation response from the resort owners.  

After the Rescission Period is Over, Give it Back to the Owner 

The original seller can willingly accept the property if you don’t have a mortgage payment balance. It’s not always an option available to the timeshare owners to cancel the timeshares.  

Take Assistance from a Timeshare Exit Company  

If the rescission period is over and you have to get out of a timeshare, take assistance from the timeshare termination companies. The company helps the owners to disentangle themselves from deceptive contracts. In such cases, it may take more than 12 months to terminate a timeshare contract. 

How Much Does it Cost to Get Out of a Timeshare Contract? 

In most cases, the timeshare owners fail to cancel the contracts during the rescission period. It becomes challenging for the timeshare owners to exit the contract after this period. The cost of getting out of a timeshare contract depends on which company you hire for the exit because every company charges accordingly. 

Wrapping Up 

There are various challenges in canceling a timeshare contract. It depends upon different conditions, such as where the timeshare property is, the Owner’s mortgage balance for the timeshare, and more. The timeshare owners can’t cancel a timeshare contract overnight. It is a long-term process that takes a few days to months to end a timeshare contract. 

Hope reading this post helps you understand how long it takes to cancel the timeshare contracts during the rescission and post-rescission period! 

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