May 21, 2024

Room Service Lexington KY Expands

Julie Selby, the owner of Room Service Lexington KY, has transformed her modest furniture consignment shop into a design-focused place to visit in Lexington. The store’s expansion from 2500 square feet to 9,000 square feet was described as an “small business success.” Since the store’s opening the store has quickly become a landmark in Lexington.

Angie’s Room Service

If you’re tired of cooking food for your guests and family Angie’s Room Service located in Lexington KY may be the answer. From a delicious breakfast that is cooked to order or a perfect steak the restaurant has something to satisfy everyone’s palate. In the Atrium of the hotel, Angie’s offers breakfast, dinner, and lunch. The entire menu is available for purchase at any time, and the restaurant is open from 9 to 9 pm on nights.

DoubleTree Suites Hilton Hotel Lexington offers upscale accommodation in a prime downtown area. The hotel’s elegant design features European style and design along with an atrium styled in French Quarter. The hotel also has an international staff and large two-room suites that come with huge bathtubs with whirlpools. When you’re at the hotel, it is possible to visit the Ashland-The Henry Clay Estate, and the W S Webb Museum, that are both just two and four miles away in both directions. The hotel’s

On-site restaurant, Angie’s Restaurant, serves local cuisine all day long. There is also the Gazebo Lounge in which you can indulge in drinks and snacks as well as a casual dining menu.

Julie Selby’s Room Service

Julie Selby owns a Room Service Consignment Shop located in Lexington, Ky. Room Service has expanded from 2,500 square feet to nine thousand and is the one who has helped transform Liberty Road into a design attraction. Even though the economy is difficult for small companies, Selby sees the expansion as an indicator of a more robust economy and an encouraging signal for her clients. Through the years, Room Service has become an institution within The Lexington community.

Room Service is located at 933 Liberty Rd Lexington, KY 40598, United States and employs two employees. The credit report for the company is accessible for download immediately and includes the current credit score, credit limit recommendations, as well as ownership structure, payment history as well as the last five years’ worth of financial reports. To get access to Your Room Service credit report, join Global Database’s free trial period of seven days.

Feeney as well as Perkins are frequent patrons of Room Service. Perkins was an avid collector of antiques for a long time and also had an antiques display at the Lexington shopping strip. The couple decided to purchase the business of the Herald-Leader. Feeney is currently employed at Bluegrass Community and Technical College as a full-time instructor. The couple is hoping to keep the diverse collection of things and the high turnover of the items.


The brand-new Lockbox room restaurant service is scheduled to open in the historical Fayette National Bank Building in downtown Lexington, KY. Its design is a reflection of the importance of banking during its building in 1913. The menu is local cuisine made with local ingredients, and served in a casual setting. Other features include childcare, spa, gym parking, and the gift shop is filled with stylish products.

Lockbox is located in the 21st century Museum Hotel in downtown Lexington. The hotel has modern, elegant interiors with some traditional touches. The chef Jonathan Searle has created a menu that combines both the high and lower. The menu consists of the rotating spreads as well as pickled veggies. The restaurant also offers the dining area that is shared with guests.

The menu for dinner at the Lockbox celebrates local produce and makes use of the very best of them. The cuisine of the restaurant is inspired by the region and includes items like the fried oysters served with butter garlic and cornmeal. Sea Island red peas and corn cake are also on the menu. The bar also provides an extensive wine selection as well as a selection of bourbons and craft beer.

Lexington is a favourite spot for shopping. The downtown area is filled with shops that sell vintage, boutiques and major brands such as Urban Outfitters. It is also possible to drive towards The Summit in Fritz Farm and shop for other luxury items. Another shopping destination that is popular can be found at Greyline Station, which was previously a bus station, which has since been transformed into an exclusive shopping experience.

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