May 26, 2023

A new TikTok fashion blends the traces of anime and “Among Us” as “Sussy Baka” has started stoning up throughout the platform and social media. For folks who are, understandably, confused — here’s a rundown.

If you’ve performed or watched any Among Us this year, you recognize that calling humans “sus” may be very famous. If you’ve watched any anime, you in all likelihood realise that the “baka” method is something alongside the traces of “idiot.” And, finally, if you’ve been on TikTok, you recognize that traits regularly come out of the nether with 0 rationalisation or rationale.

TikTok traits are complicated and their origins can regularly be difficult to pin down. But now no longer “Sussy Baka,” that one has been found out via means of net sleuths curious about its developing power. From a random, weird TikTok to YouTube films galore, humans are locating out that they may be now no longer simply bakas, however sussy as well.

And all of the momentum commenced rolling with TikTok’s akeamfrancis2, who replied to a person via way of means of developing an iconic sound that combines Japanese with “sussy.”

“Sussy Baka” means what?

Basically, this fashion simply combines a gaggle of stupid insults into one. “Sussy” comes from “sus,” that’s famous slang for “suspicious” or “suspect” and became mightily popularised in Among Us as gamers mentioned humans they notion is probably imposters. 

As for “baka” and “deku,” the previous basically method “idiot” (as we cited earlier) and the latter, which akeam francis tosses into his video, basically equates to “vain person.”

But, by way of means of now, the word has taken on a existence of its very own as what became at the start a gap interior comic story unfold throughout the net. 

If you click on akeam francis’ sound on TikTok, there are actually around 2,000 films that use his reaction to name all of us and everybody a sussy baka. And those films, which vary from anime edits to lip-syncers to cosplayers to Harry Styles montages, regularly have loads of hundreds of views.

And yet, it doesn’t even forestall there, as YouTube and Twitter appear to have stuck wind of the time period and are actually the usage of it relentlessly. (Yes, the ones consist of memes with the creepy little grey face visible on this article’s header.)

In the end, at the same time as nobody can realise precisely why sussy baka has come to be so famous, we do at least realise where it comes from. Hopefully, that study method that, even supposing we’re “sussy bakas,” we’re now no longer entirely “dekus.”

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