April 20, 2024

Handheld laser welding machines are classified as Class-1 products, meaning that they emit low levels of radiation that won’t harm humans – making them far safer than arc welding equipment.

Lightweld 1500 price handheld laser automation is revolutionizing fabrication for industrial food equipment, appliances and precision components alike, providing fabricators with greater flexibility and ease-of-use than ever before. Now it’s easier than ever before to Forge Forward.

Easy to Use

Light weld 1500 offers an easy, straightforward method for beginners to enjoy TIG welding without the complexity of using an arc, offering beautiful welds with less heat distortion and flexible handling allowing access to hard-to-reach areas. Lightweld can be learned in one session! The laser beam can even be guided with hands for maximum flexibility of handling and access to hard-to-reach locations.

Welds can be performed from any position — including vertical and overhead welding positions. Additionally, the heat-affected zone created by this method reduces workpiece deformation and blackening significantly while eliminating traditional post-processing grinding or polishing steps.

Fabricators can achieve quality results without additional costly abrasives or chemicals by employing the system’s built-in laser cleaning capabilities. Simply dial in new cleaning modes for improved weld quality and simplified part finishing – saving both time and money compared to traditional pre-and post-weld cleaning techniques.

Easy to Set Up

Laser welding is easy to learn and easy to operate, producing top quality results quickly and smoothly. Furthermore, this process works seamlessly with basic levels of factory automation.

An intuitive control interface enables laser power up to 1500 watts to be quickly adjusted for optimal weld settings, quickly. Thanks to 74 presents and customizable process parameters, even novice welders can learn this system within hours.

LightWELD stands apart from conventional methods in that its weld fixtures can be simplified or not necessary, metals don’t need to be pre-brushed or ground completely smooth, novice welders can join dissimilar materials with different electrical conductivity reliably, and significantly faster welding is enabled than other systems. LightWELD provides dramatically faster welding while being easier to maintain than its counterparts.

This system features advanced cleaning modes that remove grease, oils and rust as well as excessive oxide coatings and surface contaminants from weld areas prior to inspection or post weld processing, in order to decrease the potential for void formation and increase weld quality and consistency. All operations should take place in an appropriately lit laser controlled area (LCA), wearing non-flammable clothing suitable for your type of laser as well as protective eyewear rated accordingly and following operating safety procedures outlined by ANSI Z136.1.

High Quality Welds

Laser welding produces clean, high-quality welds that do not require subsequent grinding. This is especially beneficial when joining thick or difficult to weld metals such as copper or aluminium as laser welding does not create friction effects commonly experienced with traditional welding.

Precision laser welding comes at a price, however. GAP tolerances decrease and it requires precise workpiece assembly and beam positioning for optimal results. Lightweld offers a wobble feature to compensate for loose fit-ups and expand its wieldable materials range.

Lightweld utilizes a continuous-wave, 1,070-nm fibre laser that produces up to 1500 W of peak output in certain modes. Light weld’s intuitive controls make welding accessible even to novice welders, making optimum settings available quickly for diverse materials and thicknesses like reflective copper metals like reflective. Furthermore, its minimal heat distortion enables welding dissimilar metals together or filling gaps more effortlessly than ever.


LightWELD utilizes a ytterbium, continuous-wave 1,070-nm fibre laser as its power source, making this system adaptable to joining materials of different thicknesses and materials types with ease. Furthermore, maintenance costs for LightWELD equipment tend to be much less than for traditional welding equipment – just regular chamber cleanings and replacing of the conductive nozzle and power wiring connections will ensure smooth operations and ensure safe welding practices! These steps will minimize downtime, extend its lifespan, and protect safety in use.


Light weld’s hand-held laser welding machine is user-friendly and offers a low technical threshold, making it suitable for novice welders to quickly create aesthetic, high strength joints. Unlike TIG welding, which produces intense heat that deforms thin metals or necessitates extensive pre-brushing and grinding of surfaces before welding begins; unlike TIG, Lightweld welds dissimilar materials of different thicknesses and conductivities without producing significant deformation; as a result it saves both time, energy, money over time while providing easier access than ever before making it perfect for green remanufacturing projects.

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