May 28, 2024

There is a wide world of opportunities out there, and you have the power within yourself to conquer this world.

Are you feeling unsatisfied with your career outlook? Looking to diversify your opportunities? Trying to step outside your comfort zone and open yourself up to new ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s entirely too easy to become complacent with your life. You have no reason to away to pastures new when your comfort zone is so, well, comfortable. Your thinking settles into a habit and your habits settle into autopilot. You may have neglected your dreams and goals in favour of convenience and complacency, because oftentimes, following your dreams involves trailing off the beaten path.

It’s never too late to widen your pool of opportunities. If you aren’t happy with your current career horizons, take action! 

Pinpoint what is holding you back

If you feel stuck on the path you’re currently on, there is probably a reason for that. It may be an external reason such as financial hardship, geographical location, physical or mental health, obligations to family, or lack of education. It may be a culmination of multiple factors. Unfortunately, not everything is within our control. You may be able to pinpoint what it is that is preventing you from seeking new opportunities, but you may not be able to change it completely. 

However, often the barriers are mental rather than physical. Your life or mindset may have become stagnant. You may feel like you need permission to act. You may think that the process of changing your career horizons seems exhausting. 

Take baby steps

Start changing your life in small ways. Join a club or team for a hobby you want to improve at. Stop thinking of your current career path as a permanent arrangement. If you’re moored to one spot, you probably can’t lift the whole anchor at once- but you can shift it bit by bit, especially when you have others helping you. 

You have to start somewhere. You can’t do it all at once! Make small movements and steady yourself before taking another step.

Figure out what exactly you need to do

Formulate a plan- a detailed, realistic plan. Have your broad goal or dream- becoming an astronaut, fixing world hunger, inventing a time machine. But chances are that your goal can’t be achieved overnight, otherwise, you would have done it already. Identify the small steps you need to take. Research the qualifications you’ll need. Find out what geographical areas need professionals of that nature. Make sure your steps are beneficial to your desired end result- If you’re pursuing an MBA, research MBA career paths, and find out how this field of study will help you.

Remain flexible and open-minded

You may find it eye-opening to speak to people who are already in that field. Learning the realities of the job may make you second-guess if this is what you really want- and that’s not a bad thing. Have an open mind. Don’t get caught up in fantasy. Be realistic about time and money while you pursue your goal. Surround yourself with people who support you and elevate you.

Remember not to anchor yourself to an idea unless you’re absolutely certain! Going from one pit of quicksand to another won’t do you any good. Explore and experiment, but don’t get bogged down or force yourself to commit to your first instinct. Professional career coaching may help you.

It’s perfectly ok not to have a goal. Many people haven’t the faintest clue what they hope to be doing 10 or 20 years from now. 

Be patient

If we could change our lives overnight, everyone would be doing it. Progress takes time. You may feel disheartened or worry that it’s too late to change your life. Beginning a new educational journey may take you 4+ years- but keep in mind that in 4 years, you can be 4 years older in the same career, or you can be 4 years older with a degree and on the brink of a new career journey.

If you’re pursuing your dream, you might feel a burning passion to start right away. Take that passion and use it to fuel you through the process of beginning a new career. Use it to motivate you through study, working your way to the top of an industry, or whatever else it takes to reach your goal.

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