April 11, 2024

Are you planning to start a notary business? Well, that’s good news. Running a notary business is lucrative. 

As per Glassdoor, the total pay of a notary ranges between $72,000 and $129,000 per year. Furthermore, a 2023 CNBC article reveals that a 25-year-old earns $200 per hour as a notary signing agent without a bachelor’s degree. 

Besides, notaries get bonuses, commissions, and tips that increase their monthly earnings. 

While getting started as a notary doesn’t require much investment, you will need a few essentials for smooth operations. Here’s a list of supplies that are a must-have for anyone running a notary business. 

#1 A Notary Stamp

It’s a no-brainer that a notary stamp is the prerequisite for a successful notary business. Therefore, it’s the first thing you must procure after passing the notary exam. 

Essentially, notary stamps are inked rubber stamps imprinted with state-required information. In general, these stamps contain the state of the commission, the notary public’s name, and the expiration date of the commission. 

The main purpose of notary stamps is to affirm that a document’s content is correct. They also assert that the notarization took place in accordance with the local state notarization law. Notary stamps are available in an array of colors and sizes. In regard to shapes, these stamps are usually rectangular, but a handful of states require round shapes. 

Notaries must use stamps that meet certain requirements to avoid liability when adding notarizations or official seals to various documents, notes Rubber Stamp Champ. Therefore, before you order a notary stamp, make sure to check your state laws so that you purchase the right one from the get-go. 

When choosing a stamp, it’s best to shop from brands offering customized notary stamps for every U.S. state. That way, you will be saved from the hassle of researching the notary stamp used in your state. Also, this minimizes the possibility of errors. 

As a piece of advice, go for a self-inking notary stamp, as these let you stamp paper quickly and effortlessly. For busy notaries, self-inking stamps are a huge time-saver. 

#2 A Notary Journal

Many states don’t require a notary journal. However, it’s a crucial record-keeping tool, which is why we advise you to invest in one, irrespective of your state requirements. 

Keeping a notary journal handy allows you to stay organized while letting you keep track of all your notarial acts. In case you get accused of completing a notarial act incorrectly or falsifying a record, your notary journal will come to your rescue. You can use the records of your notary journal as valuable evidence proving that you conducted your services properly. 

As it can serve as evidence in a court of law, you should store it in a secure place. Otherwise, your business’s sensitive information will be compromised. 

A locked drawer in your desk at home or workplace will be the best place to store your journal. Whenever traveling, carry your documents in a lockable briefcase. That way, they won’t get lost while traveling. 

#3 Inkless Thumb Printer

In some states, taking the thumbprints of signers is mandatory. However, many states don’t require thumbprints. 

In states where law mandates and permits thumbprints, an inkless thumb printer is a must-have for notaries. After all, thumbprints prove that signers appeared before you. Moreover, they testify that the notarial act was executed properly. 

When buying an inkless thumb printer, get a few extras. In case you notice the ink getting lighter, replace it with a new one. This will ensure your notarial acts are carried out without any interruption. 

#4 Office Accessories

Notary-specific tools aren’t the only supplies you need for notarial acts. There are plenty of office accessories that you will need to carry out your day-to-day operations. 

A stapler and lots of pins, paper clips, two or more rolls of tape, a calculator, and pens are necessary in a notary business. Without these accessories, it will be impossible for you to carry out your notarial acts smoothly. 

When buying pens, always go for ball pens. Gel or fountain pens are a big no-no because they tend to smear on documents, whereas ball pens don’t. Also, make sure to get both black and blue ink ball pens, as you will need them for different tasks. 

Wrapping Up

Without correct supplies by your side, delivering quality service to your clients will be impossible. Moreover, it will affect your business’s reputation, and you will lose a lot of clients. Therefore, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newly commissioned notary, having the right supplies is essential. 

Besides the supplies mentioned above, make sure to buy a notary bond, a fee chart, a high-speed laser, and a dual-tray laser printer. Having these supplies at your disposal will make it easy for you to provide quality service to your clients. 


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