July 13, 2024

Sofa sets hold a central position in decorating living rooms. If anyone think of to add on what kind of furniture for living room, the first click in mind in sofa sets. But is it worth to place costly sofas for regular use? The answer is obvious no, as it seems not worthy. So, to solve this problem we have many options available in the market for cheaper rate with obviously good quality. 


These sofas also add stylish arrangement to room instead of chairs and table set. You can also find it over different option available over internet. There are affordable options available without compromising quality and style. There are many retailers offering sofa sets under price of 10,000 which includes 3-seater sofas with ample of spacing for comfortable seating of family as well for the guests. Let’s explore the world of sofa with budget friendly price across the different options.

  • Classic comforts: (Price: approx. 9500/-) Opt for the sofa sets with plush cushions and sturdy looks in classic 3-seater designs with both durability and comfort. Prefer options with neutral colors with contrast color cushions and black or any dark shade enter table giving an elegant look to living room. Just imagine your living room like this! Another option in this is loveseat which comes in compact size with soft and comfort seating. If you want more information about wardrobe design for bedroom then read here.
  • Space saving sofas: (approx. 8900/- to 9800/-) There are many options in market and are also highly preferred by people for sofa cum bed sets. These saves our space by fulfilling both requirements in one option. For these, prefer dark colored options as it will easily get stained with regular use. Also, search for one with storage options covering utility with smaller space. This can also work as an extra bed in need for guests stay. Trust me! I also have two of them and I use it regularly for my office work.
  • DIY (do it yourself) Style: There comes an option for creative artists to buy individual pieces and make sofa as per their own customization. This can help you to fulfill your creativity by expressing your style keeping in mind personal budget. Instead of making full 3-seater or 5-seater sofa, try for single seats or loveseats which can fulfil budget needs as well as saving home spaces if might not be available in smaller apartments.
  • Online festive offers: How can we forget about festive offers received over online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Urban style and many others? They offer around 50-70% sales or exchange options with old ones during Diwali, Christmas, and even New Year. You can get high cost sofas at your own budget. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the offer! And enjoy your new year by welcoming new member of the house. 
  • Leatherette Sofas (approx. 9000/-): These are the substitutes to the expensive leather sofas if one wants to go for. It is a cost-effective alternate to leather with certain level of elegance and style without high prices. One more advantage is that they are easy to clean and maintain with pets and kids in the house.
  • Contemporary Chic: (approx. 8500/- to 10,000/-) These are available in two options Modern velvet delight and compact convertible sofa. Former one offers velvet upholstery with metal legs. It gives taste of luxury without exceeding budget limit. Later one can be adjusted in smaller spaces and additionally working as 2-in-1 model for both bed and sofa, and also preferred option for urban dwellers.

Here are some of the options available for comfortable sofa sets:

  • ASHEVILLE No Wood sofa

An easiest way spruce your home. This option is for informal setting used in both ways as seating sofa or floor sofa. It is made of distressed cotton fabric with back and side support. It provides no structure to sofa. But positive part is that no assembly is required, can be carried easily and is highly affordable. If you want more information about latest design visit DecorChamp.com.

Price: 4300/-

Color: Blue

Weight 14kg

Style: Loveseat

Capacity: 2-seater

  • GRAPEWOOD 3-seater sofa set

This option is best for living room with stylish look available at amazon with minimal price. This has option in different colors so can be chosen as per living room interior. Offers modern space saving complementing any room. If thinking of comfortable sofa, don’t think beyond this option. One negative point is that it requires assembling.

Colour: Many

Style: Space saving

Capacity- 3-seater

Material: Solid wood, polyester

  • Shreya Décor Wooden 2-seater sofa set

They offer colorful sofa sets completely made of Sheesham wood, so no damage to furniture for long time. It helps to brighten up our living room, and is also space efficient. It offers long product warranty.

Color: honey brown and grey

Style: Modern

Fabic: Jute

Capacity- 2seater

So, we have summarized ample sofa sets available across online and offline stores. Now, it depends upon individual to purchase what kind of sofa based on its preference of quality, price, usability, color, space available.


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