May 23, 2024

Gaining knowledge and learning new skills is a sure-shot way of advancing your career, raising your income, and becoming more self-aware. The internet lets us access a large volume of courses that help us acquire multiple skills. It can help us prepare for our exams and can also gain knowledge on multiple topics. We have listed some sources from where you can sign up for free online courses.

However, before you sign up for these courses, you need to sign up with a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP). Stay connected no matter where on earth you may be with satellite internet from HughesNet Gen 5.

Since this is voluntary learning, you will need to have full focus on your online courses. Unlike a traditional class environment, there will be no one to encourage or pester you to pay attention during lessons or to complete course assignments. However, that should not stop you from availing this wonderful opportunity for self-learning.

Develop Your Math Skills with Khan Academy

The importance of having math skills can never be overstated. Math is useful in a variety of business fields so this is something worth investing your time in. However, after finishing your formal education, you may feel embarrassed to ask for help or hire a tutor as this is a skill you are expected to learn in school. This is where Khan Academy comes in very handy.

You can view their video lessons multiple times. They also have an online platform that allows users to practice their math skills by attempting quizzes and then getting feedback. The best part is that all videos are no longer than 10 minutes. So this is great for someone who has limited time and wants to quickly revise their math skills.

Mastering Data Analysis in Excel (Duke University)

Microsoft Excel is the default spreadsheet application used by most business organizations. Despite being around for over 35 years, most people still struggle to efficiently use this application for data analysis. Dozens of books have been published to help people learn how to use Excel. However, this is a skill that can’t be taught through books. You need to be able to practice Excel while you learn it. Duke University has an online course for mastering Data Analysis in MS Excel. Take this course and learn how to generate insights through data analysis.

Project Management Basics on Coursera

Project management is a highly in-demand skill these days. It is a great skill to learn to transform your business ideas into products and services. There is a project management course on Coursera that will teach you the basics. You will get to learn project management concepts like leadership, planning, and scheduling.

Ancient Masterpieces of World Literature by Harvard University

While most people choose science, business, and coding courses for online learning, we tend to forget there are courses for creative fields as well. Harvard University offers a free course on World Literature. This course will teach you how to do a critical analysis of literature. It will be particularly useful for those individuals who have writing jobs. It enhances your critical and analytical thinking, which will help you excel in your personal and professional lives.

Achieve More in Less Time Using SMART Goals by Udemy

You can harness raw knowledge and skills to work toward your career goals. However, before you set objectives, you should know how to set them efficiently. Udemy offers a SMART Goals course that will teach you exactly that. The course will teach you the basics of creating effective goals.

Summing Up

Self-learning is now easier than ever before. There is a wealth of information available through free online courses from a host of learning platforms. No matter what skill or knowledge you wish to acquire, you will likely find the appropriate course to achieve your learning objective. Apart from personal development, you can also mention these courses on your resume to boost your employability.

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