February 26, 2024
custom pillow boxes

A custom pillow box is an easy and eco-friendly way to make your business stand out from the competition. Pillow boxes are a great way to give your customers something extra special that they’ll remember and talk up. No matter if you run a boutique, online store, or local clothing store. Custom boxes are easy to create and can be tailor-made at a very minimal cost. Instead of tossing your boxes away when they arrive empty, wash them and put them back on the shelf as new custom boxes.

Customizing your pillow boxes in a unique way:

Include a gift card that you can customize with your own text, even a personal message. Include a free gift with purchase, or an in-store coupon. AN Include an extra item not provided in the original packaging, such as another piece of jewelry, chocolates, or even an optional accessory for the clothing item if it does not come in the packaging.

Remember that the best way to stand out from your competitors is to make your product memorable! Pillow Boxes wholesale are a way of customizing a pillow case with a print on it in a single-sided design. The custom design appears on the inside of the pillow, for decoration only. 

Adding Add-Ons on the custom boxes:

A pillow box is an attractive gift that’s easy to make, and your kids will enjoy making them out of duct tape and foam. Add extra elegance, in two unique ways: a bead/diamond/ribbon add-on that you can add as soon as the box is made, or an embroidery or beadwork attachment that is attached after opening the finished pillow box. Place your pillow in the middle of it and wrap your creation with a ribbon. Put on a nearby door for decoration.

It’s that easy! If you want to make more than one, make sure to use multiple colors and patterns of paper, so no two look identical. Have fun creating things.

Advertising your brand with custom pillow boxes:

– The first thing that will catch your customer’s eye is the packaging. Think about what colors and graphics will make the package stand out. Do you want your box to be a color block? Try using bright colors like pink, green, or orange. Are you trying to get rid of excess packaging? Maybe add a small creative detail to the outside, such as a texture or pattern. Simple is usually best with these kinds of designs, but don’t underestimate how much detail can boost sales!

– Once you’ve decided on your design for the exterior of the pillow box, it’s time to start filling it with stuff! The inside of custom pillow boxes is usually used for clothing accessories and other small items wrapped in them for retail sales. The outside of a pillow box sometimes advertises the product inside. To make your custom pillow box stay closed, use a few bits of tape to hold it shut. If you have a special message that you’d like to include on the outside of your pillow box, start by cutting out the shape or typeface you’d like to use, and then glue or tape it onto the outside! You can even print the design directly onto construction paper and then glue or tape it onto the outside too.

Increase sales, use custom pillow boxes:

Using pillow boxes to increase the sales of your products, one of the best ways to increase sales is through their marketing strategy. With this in mind, successful businesses usually have a product or service that they constantly advertise on social media. But what these businesses often neglect to do is the simple task of featuring their goods within the packaging itself. And this they can do by wrapping it in a pillow box! As you can see from this infographic, it will increase sales, but it will also create a sense of curiosity about your brand and contribute to increased conversions too.

A cost-effectiveness approach:

There’s more than just aesthetic value in buying these pillow boxes wholesale — they’re also totally cost-effective and eco-friendly because of the one-sided printing process and lightweight structure. You can buy in bulk at and cheap rate from a wholesaler.

Eco-friendly solution:

The pillow boxes wholesale are eco-friendly and reusable. It cannot harmful to nature. You can also use them as a beautiful decoration for events and parties. It’s easier than you think!

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, creating pillow packaging boxes is also inexpensive and eco-friendly, as most of the materials are recyclable.

Basically put:

Pillow packaging boxes are paper or plastic containers commonly used to contain small items like jewelry. Simply put, they are cartons of pillow packaging boxes shipping or product packaging. The two most common materials used in their construction are corrugated board and paperboard. But they are also available in many other materials!

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