June 16, 2024
moving to canada

There are many reasons why individuals migrate to other countries with their families. Some look for better job opportunities, meet new people, start a new life in a new place, better standard of living, etc. Most individuals shift to a different country for the sole purpose of giving a better life to their families. Canada immigration with family is the preferred choice for maximum people. Canada is one of the top places for different nationalities to come and settle due to its welcoming nature. Additionally, Canada offers other benefits for immigrants missing in other developed countries. Let’s discuss the top 6 reasons why people migrate to Canada with their families.

Top 6 reasons for opting for Canada immigration with family

1. There are a plethora of work opportunities in Canada

The Canadian government has a strong belief that skilled and semi-skilled individuals from overseas are essential for the country’s long-term economic growth. Hence, if you are professional and wish to settle here with your family, the Canada PR visa process can be initiated earlier than in other countries. However, you must have worked in Canada for a minimum of 12 months full-time (or an equal amount part-time) in 3 years before applying for PR. You also have to fulfil other eligibility requirements to be considered for permanent residence in Canada. Some in-demand job areas include sales associate, welder, merchandiser, accountant, etc.

2. The justice system is quite fair

Canadian citizens enjoy a fair judicial system and plenty of freedom. According to the Corruption Perceptions Index, Canada is among the least corrupt countries in the world. Hence, many individuals love to settle in Canada with their families as they can live freely without having any reservations or outsider feelings. The Canada PR visa process is also highly transparent, and hence most applicants can apply without hassles.  

3. Canada is among the safest place to live

Canada has low crime rates and significantly less unemployment. The permanent residents are offered a high salary package to fulfil their financial needs. This ensures they don’t engage in any criminal activities whatsoever. The minimum wage in Canada is much higher than in most counties globally. If you have the skills, you can easily provide for your family and enjoy a good lifestyle.  

4. Canada offers high-quality education

Canada has the top 4 world’s best universities in the worldAs a permanent resident, you can send your children to the best schools and colleges to secure their future. While working, you can also continue your education and improve your resume with more degrees. 

5. Canada has a top-notch Healthcare system. 

In Canada, 70 percent of healthcare costs are covered by the government. Ex: If you are living in Ontario and your age is less than 25 and over 65, Covid-19 tests and treatment are completely free. Also, Canada has some of the world’s top hospitals and surgeons to treat most types of critical illnesses.

6. Canada provides a great work-life balance

Canada offers all you need to maintain an outstanding work-life balance. The government provides ten national holidays a year. Also, companies must give parental leave benefits to couples expecting a child. The other facilities include a 40-hour workweek, paid leaves, etc., allowing employees to spend quality time with their families.

The above six reasons suggest that Canada immigration with family might be the best choice if you wish to relocate to a better country.

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