May 30, 2024
best pain management doctors in Mumbai

best pain management doctors in Mumbai

Chronic Pain affects almost everyone at some point in their lives. Pain can be debilitating; it can prevent you from doing regular activities or render you immobile. In such circumstances, getting relief from pain is the biggest priority for those suffering from it. 

Chronic pain differs from pain caused by injury or trauma. It may take weeks, months, and years to bring relief from chronic pain. Doctors define chronic pain to last for six months and more.

Such pain can significantly impact your daily life and your mental health. However, the best pain management doctors in Mumbai can treat chronic pain effectively. 

It can be particularly stressful living with chronic pain caused by diseases like osteoarthritis. If you have chronic arthritic pain, knowing and accepting it may help you prepare better to tackle its effects without affecting your life. 

Uncovering 5 brutal truths about chronic pain

Medicine may not be effective in providing complete relief from pain. One of the most challenging aspects of living with a severe disease like arthritis is that drugs may become less effective as time goes on.

Ibuprofen (Advil) and acetaminophen are two over-the-counter pain medications (Tylenol) that may help relieve mild arthritis pain, but they may be ineffective in lowering moderate or severe pain. Similarly, when arthritis advances, prescription pain drugs like celecoxib (Celebrex) or a topical NSAID like diclofenac sodium (Voltaren gel) may become less effective.

It can take you some cut and dry approaches to get relief from chronic pain, and It might not be as simple as taking a pill. It can help you live with persistent arthritis pain if try alternative therapies like yoga and have a supportive health care team.

  1. Weather changes can increase the pain.
  • The impact of weather affects pain. The severity of joint pain has been known to increase when it’s cold or raining. 
  • Changes in air pressure can cause certain people, particularly those with arthritis, to have pain in their joints. At this stage, you should seek the best pain management doctors in Mumbai.
  1. Pain can prevent free movement.
  • Chronic pain can be crippling, preventing you from doing the activities you enjoy. As a result, it may make you feel lonely or left out. 
  • It is especially true if others don’t realize your situation or why you can’t get over it. Spending time with those who understand your pain is the simplest method to counteract this loneliness. 
  • People with chronic pain can meet each other and share support and experiences through online pain forums and specific exercises targeted to help people with arthritis (such as an aquatics exercise class).
  1. Aging can affect pain.
  • Chronic pain may increase with age. The pain threshold may go down as one ages. 
  • For instance, a person may feel less pain at a younger age and more pain with an increase in age. However, if you’re in discomfort every day, consult your doctor for assistance.
  1. Pain is unpredictable
  • Each individual’s experience with chronic pain is unique. Even if two persons have the same illness, their pain experiences might not be similar.  
  • People with arthritis may have injured joints. When it comes to chronic pain, the amount of tissue damage does not always indicate the severity of the discomfort. 
  • For example, a patient may have minimal discomfort, but someone with mild joint degradation may experience severe pain.

How do you manage or get relief from this suffering?

Medicines aren’t the only way to treat chronic pain. Other treatments such as physical activity, psychological support, and a health management approach also reduce chronic pain.

People suffering from chronic pain can alleviate it by including pain management techniques rather than choosing alternatives like surgery and regular medication.

The majority of people benefit from a variety of treatments and self-management techniques, including:

  • Consultation with a psychologist or use of online self-help resources
  • Seeing a physiotherapist or doing various relaxing exercises, such as meditation exercises, walking, swimming, cycling, or sleep improvements.
  • Consult your doctor about putting together a plan to deal with your chronic pain. Several health professionals will most likely be involved in the project.


If you have chronic pain and struggle with some or all of these issues, seek emotional assistance from those who understand what you’re going through. Do not hesitate to communicate with your doctor.

The best pain management doctors in Mumbai about know how chronic pain impacts your daily life. You can consult them to find effective treatment choices for both the pain and the suffering. Alos, check our other blogs

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