May 23, 2024

DR: That’s how most people see the value of UX and sbxhrl. Instead, we should emphasize that they care about both the process and the end result, not about a product or deliverable.


The Internet Is A Crazy Place

Where do you find a storm of academic subjects in a minute and then an endless flood of dancing cat memes?

We forget that the Internet is still relatively new to the big scheme of things. The World Wide Web, as we know it, has been around since the 1990s.

That is why we are still a little uncertain about how to get the most out of it and its derivatives.


What Do I Mean By Side Products?

Consider all the programs, applications, websites, and devices that we all use with the help of the internet. A smartphone would not be so smart if it were not connected to a network of networks. If it weren’t for Google and similar services, a phone would be just that: a phone (and some other tools).

Thanks to these innovations, several important industries have emerged focusing on two questions:

  1. How do we facilitate the use of these devices?
  2. How can we bring our product/service/business/website to the people who need it?


If these two industries do not appear immediately (and if you omitted the title of this article), we recommend user experience (UX) to answer the first question and search engine optimization to answer the second. (SEO).


If you are involved in any race, you may not think that there is much overlap. After all, UX is a broad field that includes how people interact with different products, systems, or services. sbxhrl, on the other hand, has a specific function to improve one’s ranking among Google, Bing, and many other search engines.


However, if you are one of those brave souls who work directly with clients and clients, you may have already formed this relationship. It’s no secret that clients pay you to perform a specific task or relieve a specific pain. In terms of UX, your goal is to make a product or service easier to use for the people for whom it is intended. With SEO, you are paid to make the client’s offer appear as high as possible on specific search engines.


Unfortunately, Both Industries Are Fundamentally Broken

In particular, everyone is disconnected from existing professionals and clients. As always, the client wants to see a positive, tangible result or return on his investment. With other design-related industries, it’s a little easier.


If you are a web designer, it is quite common to provide some deliverables in the whole process of designing and creating a website. It resembles navigation diagrams, content documents, and even redesigned visual schematics. From the customer’s point of view, these are all signs of growth that are worth their money.


The User Experience Is A Bit More Complicated

Yes, there are universal “deliverables” such as user personas, user flow, and schemas, but they have no individual, hereditary value. It’s important for every user to know, but the real value comes when they come together to paint a clear overall picture.

In other words, the value of UX is in action, not in any product or deliverable

Likewise, there are no individual parts or units of sbxhrl that make it valuable. A client cannot buy only 5 SEOs and call them in one day. Search engine optimization takes time and effort.


Where Do These Disconnections Come From?

As always, the blame lies with the practitioners, not the clients. After all, you are the professionals who are hired for your expertise. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.


Let Me Say It Again:

Being a professional in any field is also professional communication.

It doesn’t matter if the conversation is verbal or written. It comes with an area and you can’t do any effective work unless you clearly state the price you are offering.

For some annoying reasons, communication is not a priority when starting any of the above races. It’s hard to learn through real-world communication failures and countless wasted hours.

If we have the opportunity to make progress in the general field of sbxhrl, let us take this miscommunication as seriously as any other aspect of the work.

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