June 10, 2024

Digital marketing has changed a lot in two or three decades. Today almost every brand has an online presence. The pandemic has pushed businesses to move online which translates to more competition in the digital sphere. Brands today need advanced tactics to attract customers, as merely following the best practices won’t do them any good. Here are some advanced digital marketing tactics to increase your profit.

Create a Digital PR strategy 

Small businesses need more public exposure to grow their business. If people don’t know that they are there, nobody will buy their products. But small businesses having a solid PR strategy can become the hot topic of the city very soon. They first have to identify local journalists and bloggers active in their area. The next step is to plan how to get an interview from them. Media companies are always looking for quality content. So, if small businesses pitch out to local journalists, bloggers and influencers, they would get more attention from the public. If you are a Chennaiite, work with a digital marketing agency Chennai to create a solid PR strategy. 

People would also talk about the businesses getting more coverage in the media. They would comment and share the content with their friends. It would bring high-paying clients to the company who waited such products all these years. But now they know that your brand has the right product and will become loyal customers. You also need to work with a digital marketing agency in Chennai for an online reputation management strategy.

Add the human element 

People once believed that future technology would connect more people, but we see quite the opposite thing today. The internet offers them more anonymity, and we see more fake accounts on social media. So, customers today are wary of doing business online. They need solid evidence to trust the business before they purchase some product. 

Companies providing the best digital marketing services would advise adding more human touches to your website. If you add the human element to your website, people would trust you more. You should start by including your contact details like the address and phone number. Adding a photograph of your team will build more trust. You can also publish more video content showing how your team works hard to serve customers. People want assurance that they are engaging with real humans, so you should add more human elements to prove it.

Follow your audience everywhere

Companies previously targeted a large group of customers to increase their revenue. They hoped that if they increased their target size, at least they could get a few customers. So, they invested a lot of money in their campaigns to reach as many people as possible. But companies providing the best digital marketing services would tell you that focusing on your niche audience is the best marketing strategy today.

You should study your niche audience and identify the platforms they hang out with their friends. They could use Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Tiktok. But you should be present and spread your message wherever they are. 

When customers find your brand everywhere, they will conclude that yours is a strong brand. They will assume that since your brand dominates social media, it must be a successful brand. You will win the perception war with other businesses. Also, you provide products and services that could make their life easy. So, it is only natural that many of them will choose your products.

Focus on client retention 

It is easy to retain existing clients than to acquire new customers. You should invest more money, time, and effort in marketing to generate leads. However, implementing strategies to retain clients is relatively inexpensive. Since a large portion of your revenue comes from existing customers, it is only logical to retain them. 

There are various ways you can convince customers to continue with your brand. Loyalty programs keep you coming to your brand again. You can also offer them discounts on their birthdays, anniversaries and special days. All these things would make the client happy, and they would stay loyal to your brand.

Use social media reels to attract public attention

You can create reels on major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to attract more attention. People create bite-sized content on Facebook and Instagram Reels that go viral in a few hours. You can use reels primarily to attract the young population. Gen Z is the most active group on Instagram and Tiktok, so you can go to these platforms to spread the word about your brand.

Influencers already have a large following, and their reels get more likes. You can partner with influencers in your industry and ask them to promote your brand. Their social capital will help increase the profitability of your brand.


The internet is very unpredictable, so you should pay close attention to changing preferences. You should change your strategy and tactics to meet new trends. We don’t know whether new trends will make these tips outdated. But these tips will help you increase your profits until new trends come out.

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