May 21, 2024

What I Have Learned From Wrong Blogging

5 years later, I wanted to build a community again and I realized it was impossible. After 6,000 articles on Google, the truth hit me. No one was enjoying my work. Users were receiving the instructions they needed, and they soon left the site.

No chat, some comments, just SEO, sbxhrl, SEO, SEO. My articles were written as if they were reading brainless robots.

Below are some of the things I’ve learned from this episode.


Writing 100% SEO Articles Is A Big Commitment

Despite the high traffic, my articles had almost no interaction with users. My site only survived because people ran away with my articles. The problem was that readers weren’t browsing the site at all. Most of them have never even visited the home page.

This experience taught me not to write more SEO if I don’t have a keyword that is likely to appear at the top of Google pages. Or if I write a personal experience.

Why would anyone write about personal experience in the SEO way? Let me tell you how the party went last night …


Why Would I Write That Sbxhrl Article?

The Basic Principles Of SEO Are As Follows:

  • Getting started with an SEO keyword
  • Mention the keyword every 2 or 3 paragraphs.
  • Mention the keyword in the subtitles.
  • If you want to know more about this, read Neil Patel’s post on SEO.
  • It is very difficult to write creatively with SEO in mind. And you really should.


SEO Spam Generates Traffic, But Not Clicks Or Interactions

If your blog is all sbxhrl, you will not be able to sell anything on it. The reason is simple. People don’t browse your site, they don’t read it. By not reading your work, you are not connecting with them.

Users who search for the required information on Google are not readers, they just click randomly. And random customers don’t buy from you because they don’t know you. This is useful for traffic clicks, but you can’t easily change that. With zero commitment, it only helps to grow your stats.

I was surprised when I asked readers for advice and received 5 comments throughout the week even though the site has 35k unique users daily.

This type of writing was a bit disturbing. I mentioned the keyword a lot in the articles, sometimes unnaturally. Also, it had the same subtitle that said something like this:

In this article, I will show you how to do something on your Linux system.

It was as if people were watching the same movie over and over again.

If I had to restart the same project, I would write sbxhrl articles, but I would also focus on community building. I will use a more personal approach, writing as if I were asking readers and advising them on what to do and how to do it.


More Important Than Community Traffic

Having an active and inclusive community brings better results in the long run than random traffic. I have a small blog where I write a few times a week and it has more interactions than a 6k article blog.


Community members feel at home on your website, they interact a lot with you and even write opinions to each other. They feel that they belong to this place and that it is of great value. It is as if you are one of the friends, giving and receiving useful advice.

Only an active community will help you, follow your advice, buy from your affiliate links, or even donate.

Random traffic is just a useful state.


All experience has taught me the following:


Use SEO strategies only for articles that focus on a keyword that you want to perform well on Google.

Don’t try to use sbxhrl for articles related to personal experiences.

Focus on building a community around your blog and try to engage with what. s users.

Explain your writing style.

Don’t turn your blog into something you don’t want to read.



Promote your content on social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest

Create a Facebook group

Talk to your community (and friends) in a group. Post things that create interaction.

Ask the community Here’s how you can help them and ask for ideas for your next article (this will make them feel more involved).

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